About The Hair Oil Company

The Hair Oil Company was founded in 2017 by Yassaman. Her vision is to provide high quality, all natural, and organic hair care solutions.
Yassaman’s journey began with her search for a simple, all natural solution for her own hair problems due to wearing a hijab or head scarf. Unable to find a ready to use product, she learned of the benefits of natural and essential oils in promoting healthy hair and scalp. After years of testing different oils she found combinations that gave results she wanted.
She often met women who experienced similar issues. She empathized with their struggles and understood the emotional challenges some of these problems presented. Knowing she had found something that could help others in the same way she had benefitted, she started The Hair Oil Company.
The Hair Oil Company is focused on bringing the unique benefits of natural oils to those searching for natural, chemical, and preservative free solutions for their haircare needs. We are based in Camas, Washington where the oils are blended and bottled.